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Below are some Frequently Asked Questions. Check back regularly as we will be adding to this list to answer questions on new technology as they become available. Also check out the "10 Smart Consumer Electronic Tips for the Home" for more information.


Q: When is a good time to bring in an AV Specialist?

A: The earlier the better. Working with the Architect, Builder, Cabinet Maker, and Interior Designer at an early stage not only saves time and money but also assures that all parties are working together and with consideration to the homeowners needs.


Q: Who should be considered for designing and installing the AV System?

A: The only person that should design and install an AV System is one who is CEDIA Certified. CEDIA (Custom Electronic Design & Installation Association) is a governing body of the Custom Electronics industry. CEDIA certified companies have met vigorous industry standards and have been formally educated and specially trained. These are critical steps to ensure that your investment in your home is not wasted. In addition, CEDIA member companies have agreed to the CEDIA Code of Ethics, perhaps the most highly regarded standard in the Electronic Lifestyles® industry.


Q: When does the low voltage wiring get installed?

A: Low voltage specialists prefer to follow behind the electricians as it helps to guarantee that the low voltage wiring will be placed at proper distances from the high voltage lines. When high voltage wiring is run too close to low voltage, interference can occur in the audio and video systems.


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